Lemon Ginger Honey Sides

Lemon Honey Ginger Sides

This “recipe” was born of some veggies that needed using up, and the desire to have a change from boiled or steamed. I marinated slices of carrot, capsicum and red onion in Shott’s lemon-honey-ginger flavouring for five minutes (mixing together some lemon, honey and ginger would do the trick too). I kept the carrots in one bowl and the capsicum and red onion in another. I then made cradles out of tin foil, giving a wall a centimetre or two high (just to protect the oven tray – baked honey is tough to get out!).

I gave the carrots a head starting, putting them into one “cradle” with the Shott juices, placing it on a roasting dish, and roasting them for about ten minutes. I then added the capsicums and red onions in their own cradle and roasted for another ten minutes. Voilà!

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