Gingerbread Reindeer

Gingerbread man

Made using normal gingerbread recipe, a little reconstructive surgery (see below), and decorated as follows:

• Antlers with melted dark chocolate.
• Face with chocolate icing (melted milk chocolate would also work).
• Eyes with mini-marshmallows cut in half for the first batch, and sliced almonds for the second (white chocolate drops would also work) with a drop of icing or chocolate chips for pupils.
• Jaffa cut in half for the nose.

In between making the two batches, I managed to acquire some reindeer-shaped cookie cutters. They certainly make these cookies easier to do, but even if you only have a regular man-shaped cookie cutter you can still use it to make reindeer. Sometimes they look enough like reindeer when they’re flipped upside-down to use as they are; if not then try cutting off the arms and flipping them over so that the left arm becomes the right ear, and vice versa.


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